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Developer of the Year

Meet some of our residents

Wendell Falls is one of the best neighborhoods in North Carolina. But don't just take our word for it. Hear the stories of our residents. Why they moved, where they're from, and the moment they knew Wendell Falls was home.

Meet Joe & Maria

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We were in Asheville for 14 years, and after our friends moved to Wendell Falls, they asked us to come see the community. We spent the day with them exploring and looking at houses, and when we got back to Asheville, we decided we wanted to move to Wendell Falls.”

Meet Phil & Jeanine

Meet Phil and Jeanine

We've always aspired to live in a great neighborhood like Wendell Falls with other families and a true sense of community. From what I’ve seen, it’s rare to find that, especially in a new build community.”

Meet Tyler

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After seeing the community, my son went from not wanting to move at all, to asking if we could move here tomorrow.”

Meet Austin and Katie

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"Even at the beginning, it felt like a tight-knit community."

Meet Kyle and Sarah

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"Wendell Falls really has everything you could need from fantastic restaurants to easy walkability, outside events and an amazing pool, not to mention incredible people."

Meet Phil and Charity

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“ I was really impressed by the walkability of the community, especially with the commercial and retail that’s planned.”

Meet Kevin Flinn

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My wife and I moved here after having our daughter because we realized that we wanted a place with events and amenities we could take our daughter to, and a community where we would be close with our neighbors.”

Meet Patty Luczak

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I’ve made comments to my neighbors about my family all being back home in Illinois and they’re like, “no, your family is here.”

Meet Donnell and Tiffany

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"We are excited about Treelight Square and the other opportunities that are coming to the community. We love being able to just walk to dinner and walk back home."

Meet Mike Carty

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“When we moved in, we started meeting tons of people from all different places that are always willing to help and get to know you.”

Meet Graham and Emily

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“We love the fact that there’s multiple parks and playgrounds in the neighborhood and events and activities for our daughter Bella.”

Meet Tereza Gallineau

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"We came to check out the neighborhood, and fell in love!"

Meet Greg & Lauren

Meet Greg & Lauren

"Everyone in the neighborhood is so welcoming, and we have met so many wonderful people since we moved in November."

Meet Aimee & Andrew

Aimee & Andrew

"We love Wendell Falls because of our neighbors and the community atmosphere..."

Meet Charles & Carol

Charles & Carol

"When we toured the community and saw all the amenities and the family-friendly environment, it simply felt like home."

Meet Andy & Christy

Andy & Christy

"Events at the Farmhouse and amenities provide great opportunities to develop new friendships."

Meet Laurie & Mark

Laurie & Mark

"After three years in our home on Iron Mill Drive, we are so happy to have bet on Wendell Falls and are so appreciative of the tremendous friendships and community lifestyle that has resulted."

Meet Val & Laurel

Val & Laurel

"The best part of living here is that you are never too far from your friends!"

Meet Susan & Jim

Susan & Jim

"We've lived in Wendell Falls for three years, yet it still feels like a vacation home."

Meet Anna & Felipe

Anna & Felipe

"We love the sense of community, and all the neighbors who have become more like family."

Meet Kevin & Nancy


"We love the neighborhood and the development with all of its activities for all types of interests. We enjoy the tranquility of the area and all of the offerings in the area. Driving home every night is like driving into a vacation."

Meet Brandon & Stephanie

Meet Brandon & Stephanie

"We love the way that the residents here are all so amazing. We also love the amount of activities that we can participate in the neighborhood."

Meet Emily & Whiskey

Meet Emily & Whiskey

"I love the sense of community...and it's great to have a place like the Farmhouse to grab a drink or hang out with friends."

Meet Art & Alan

Meet Art & Alan

"We love all the walking trails for our dog!"

Meet Jill and Nick


"We both grew up in the Raleigh area and had driven past the Wendell Falls exit many times, so it was an obvious choice for us to check it out when we started looking to relocate."

Meet Bootsie & Jerry


“We wanted to downsize to a ranch home and be closer to family but still have access to our work and life in Raleigh.”

Meet the Wilkins Family


“Our favorite thing about living here is that it is a diverse, family-oriented, and growing community.”

Meet Emily and Andrea


From the very start, we have been greeted with friendliness and inclusiveness. We’ve already built so many great relationships that we hope last a lifetime.”

Meet the Altmans


“We are so happy here in Wendell Falls. There are so many planned activities where we are meeting new people each week.” 

Meet Branden & Amanda


“We were ready to become homeowners and really start our lives together. Once we visited and had the chance to interact with the different community members, we knew right away that this was where we wanted to be.”

Meet David, Jen, & May


"We fell in love with the development from the first time we found it on Instagram and decided it was the right time to buy.”

Meet Rex & Kyle


“We had close friends that moved into the neighborhood. They asked us to take a look and we fell in love!”

Meet the Gaytons

"We love our perfect home and the neighborhood's amenities. Trails, lots of greenspace, and access to most anywhere in 15 minutes!"

Meet the Diverios

“We love the community! We’ve made some really great friendships here, and love running into friends when we’re walking Rufus on the trails, around the neighborhood, or for meet-ups at the Farmhouse.” 

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