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Guest Bedroom Wendell Falls

11 April . 2022

10 items to include in every guest room

It can be difficult to travel, especially without the creature comforts and normal routines of home. To make your guests feel welcomed, consider including these 10 items in every guest room!

  1. Towels and basic toiletries

Avoid the confusion in a shared bathroom by assigning certain towels for guests and leaving a set (or two) in their rooms. Go the extra mile for your guests by making sure the bathroom is stocked with other essentials such as toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner and anything else they may need. Taking the time to provide guests with their own bathroom essentials will makes them feel planned-for and special. 

Guest bedroom

  1. A closet with hangers

Especially if this is a trip for a special occasion, guests will need a place for their clothing to be hung and organized. Make sure your guests have a clean and convenient closet to use during their stay.

  1. Extra blankets

Blankets are another commodity that are better to have than not to have. An optional extra blanket could make or break a good night's sleep for your guest.

  1. Internet instructions

One of the most awkward questions to ask is what the Wi-Fi password is, even amongst some of the closest friends. Even though it is one of the most basic necessities when staying somewhere, it is often forgotten to be provided. Make this easy to find by putting the info in your guest rooms!

WIFI instructions sign

  1. A desk

Unless on a vacation, adults will typically have their laptops with them when traveling and will be expected to do some form of work. Having a small, discreet, desk in the room would provide space for the guest to do this work and make them more comfortable. Similar to a hotel room, this item should be conveniently placed out of the way, perhaps in the corner of the guest room.

  1. Conveniently placed power outlets

Align the bed to allow for easy charger plug in access, preferably between the bedside table and the bed frame. Be sure to have an outline in vicinity of the desk as well.

  1. A TV

More and more people need ambient noise to fall asleep and having a TV can help those individuals get a better night's sleep. Having a TV also gives your guests privacy to relax away from the common area and in their own space.

  1. Multiple lighting options

Lighting is used to set the mood of an environment. Having multiple lighting options help the guest dictate what they want the mood to be. A night light towards the exit of the room is comforting, especially for someone in an unfamiliar location. Guests should also have a bedside lamp to wind down before bed. A desk lamp is an additional light that can add value to a room, as some guests may have work to do during the duration of their stay. 

Guest bedroom with lighting

  1. A mirror

Need to check the outfit before heading out the door? So do your guests! Give them a mirror to do so within the comfort of their room, especially if they are using a shared bathroom.

  1. Plant for brightness

Lastly, add a plant for some pizzazz. Not only do plants help the appearance of the room, but they also help improve air quality and boost your mood especially during winter months. An orchid or snake plant is the perfect companion for your guest as they give out oxygen at night. 

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