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Developer of the Year
Model home living area with fireplace in Wendell Falls

18 January . 2018

Let's Talk Design: An Interview with Turner Underhill

Cali Buhrman

Marketing Coordinator


Have you ever walked into a model or staged home and thought to yourself, “Oh my, these designs are amazing!” Everything flows together perfectly, the décor complements the home features, and you are instantly in love.

Working around gorgeous homes at Wendell Falls, I know the feeling well—which is why I was so excited to sit down with Turner Underhill, the designer behind Homes By Dickerson’s custom plans in our community. Read our interview below to hear what Turner had to say about inspiration, her favorite home so far, and what sets Homes By Dickerson apart from any other homebuilder.


CB: There are so many great homebuilders in the Triangle. What sets Homes By Dickerson apart?

TU: Homes by Dickerson is not only a custom green home builder, but we also pride ourselves on the fact that clients can walk through our spec houses and know that what they see is a “standard” option and would be included in the base price of the home.  We have wonderful options in our standard levels and as a designer, we work hard keep our programs up to date and current (like tile, flooring, and backsplash programs).  Since we are a custom builder, we can do just about anything for our clients but we have many homebuyers who are pleased and happy with the standard options.


CB: What’s the first thing you think about when designing a home? Do you usually know immediately the character of the home and what you want it to be, or does it come together later in the project? 

 TU: With each home I work on I come up with a theme.  I am given an elevation and a floor plan and from there I create the bigger picture.  Whether it is a coastal farmhouse or masculine craftsman house, each home has a main idea and I build on it from there.  I keep the theme in mind when picking exterior colors, interior floor stains, backsplash tile, cabinet colors, etc.  A coastal farmhouse would be light and airy while a more masculine house might have some stained elements and a darker overall color scheme.


CB: Okay I have to ask, do you have a favorite home you have designed at Wendell Falls so far?

TU: My favorite home in Wendell Falls so far is the Concord plan we built for Parade of Homes. It ended up winning Gold in 2017 and our team loved the finished product! The theme for this house was actually a coastal farmhouse and when you walk through the front door, you can see that come through and carry throughout the home.


Thanks Turner! For more information on Homes By Dickerson and their plan offerings, click here.