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New home construction near Raleigh

05 June . 2024

Benefits of buying a new construction home

If you're currently searching the real estate market for a home, you might be contemplating the timing of your purchase and whether investing in a new property is the right decision. Today's new construction homes boast numerous advantages, positioning them as an attractive option. With customizable features, energy-efficient solutions and the potential for long-term savings, here are the benefits of buying a new construction home:

Special incentives

Many home builders have the flexibility to offer special incentives, which may include flex dollars that can be used to help cover closing costs with the use of preferred lenders. Design credits, appliance packages and discounted prices are also offered by some builders for a limited time. Learn more about our current builder incentives here.

Energy efficiency

Many new construction homes have energy saving features built into the home, such as high-efficiency HVAC, programmable thermostats, energy-efficient lighting, Energy Star Appliances and more, allowing you to lower your impact on the environment while also saving on monthly costs.

Wendell Falls is one of the only master-planned communities in the Triangle built entirely with environmentally friendly homes that meet ecoSelect standards for energy and water efficiency. As a result, residents in the community have an average household annual savings of $712.

Protection of new home warranty

In the event of any unforeseen issues with your new-construction home, you can often rely on the safeguard of a new home warranty, which typically covers necessary repairs within the designated warranty period.

Customization opportunities

Purchasing a new construction home often gives buyers the opportunity to collaborate directly with the builders to customize the home to fit their needs and style. At Wendell Falls, depending on the home you buy, the builder you work with and the stage of construction the home is in, you have the option to select the flooring, countertops, fixtures and more.

Brand new home

One of the biggest benefits of buying new is that it’s new! With no previous occupants, you can expect the property to be in pristine condition, ensuring that everything is updated and move-in ready. In contrast, older homes may require repairs or remodeling. This makes new construction homes an excellent choice for buyers working with a tight schedule, or not wanting to worry with repairs and upgrades after closing.

Low maintenance

Additionally, new homes are built in accordance with the latest building codes and safety regulations, meaning they often need less maintenance and upkeep in comparison to older homes. This allows you to save by avoiding additional costs that come with repairs and spend more time enjoying your new home.

New community with top amenities

When you purchase a new home in Wendell Falls, you join a welcoming community with exceptional residents and easy access to restaurants, conveniences and amenities, including pools, fit pods, miles of trails, a fitness center and numerous parks and playgrounds.

Looking for new a new home? Learn more about our outstanding builders here, and plan your visit to the Wendell Falls here.

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