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A (Super Local) Farm-Inspired Feast

Cherith Andes

Clairemont Communications


At Wendell Falls, we have an ongoing love affair with everything local. Local music. Local artists. Local homebuilders. Our on-site Grounds Café even brims with java, beer and sweet treats from Raleigh’s local brewers and bakers. (Yum!)



To celebrate our local farmers, the Wendell Falls team embarked on a recipe scavenger hunt. We curated our favorite recipes featuring ingredients from the local farms on the farm tour in the eastern Triangle. Cinch your apron, don your chef’s hat, and try your hand at these easy dishes – using tasty tidbits from our local farmers!


Caramel Sweet Potato Baked Streusel Pancake

Source: Athletic Avocado

Wendell Falls Favorite From: Elyse Phillips, Community Representative

Featuring: Sweet Potatoes from First Fruits Farm

Breakfast any time of day! This sweet potato pancake oozes a sweet coconut filling topped with caramel glazed pecans. You’d never guess that it’s also paleo, gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free!


Green Machine Power Salad

Source: Country Living

Wendell Falls Favorite From: Shannon McSwiney, Marketing Director

Featuring: Fresh veggies from Meadow Lane Farm

An entrée-style salad packed with crisp greens, colorful veggies and a Green Goddess Dressing worth an Insta pic!


Alton Brown’s Buffalo Wings

Source: Food Network

Wendell Falls Favorite From: Susan Reynolds, Broker Liaison

Featuring: Chicken from Fat Radish Farm

A simple, saucy favorite for game days, picnic days or Netflix-couch days.


Bacon-Wrapped Filet

Source: Food Network

Wendell Falls Favorite From: Lee Bowman, Senior Project Manager

Featuring: All-natural, grass-fed beef from Rare Earth Farms

Delightfully easy and elegant entrée that steals the supper spotlight.


Berry Crisp

Source: Minimalist Baker

Wendell Falls Favorite From: Cali Burhman, Marketing Coordinator

Featuring: Berries from Vollmer Farm

Warm and comforting, this berry-packed fall treat boasts a crisp, grain-free crust and pairs perfectly with a little Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream.


Alpaca Dreams NC: While this farm doesn’t necessarily have edible ingredients to feature, it offers something a little more lasting. Stop by Alpaca Dreams NC and visit its gift shop to spruce up your wardrobe with handmade couture or keepsakes, like hats or stuffed animals crafted from local alpaca wool.