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Spotlight: Home to Superstar Schools


As part of the highly acclaimed Wake County Public School System, Wendell schools offer a rich variety of options to unlock your child’s full potential. From traditional and year-round to private, public and magnet, each school provides the opportunity for your child to grow, flourish and secure a successful future.


Elementary School

Wendell Creative Arts and Sciences Magnet Elementary School 




Grades K-5
3355 Wendell Boulevard
Wendell, NC 27591


For information and school tours:
Cindi Zittle
WES Magnet Coordinator


Named the 2015 Top Magnet Elementary School in America and a 2016 Magnet School of Excellence.


Acclaimed Creative Arts and Sciences School: Fosters stronger, faster learning by integrating the arts into curriculum. Develops hands-on creativity through community partnerships, such as with the NC Museum of Art.


An A+ Network School: One of only three A+ Network elementary schools in Wake County! Collaborates with top-tier educators nationwide to implement leading teaching methods and staff training.


Multiple Intelligences System (MIS) School: While some students may be “book smart,” others may excel in nature or music. With annual assessments, teachers bolster a student’s innate strengths while helping them develop new skills.


Second Step Program: Counselors lead weekly workshops teaching healthy social skills through creative tactics such as a dance. Staff and leaders collaborate on a Care Team to ensure each student’s needs are met through local resources.


Lake Myra Elementary


Year-Round (Track 4 Only)
Grades PK – 5

1300 Elk Falls Drive
Wendell, NC 27591

For information and school tours:
Joni Bailey


Leader in Me School: Based on Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” Lake Myra creates a culture of student empowerment based on the idea that every child is a leader. Guided by Wildly Important Goals (WIGS), students master timeless principles of effectiveness, such as listening, critical thinking, self-directed learning, goal setting, effective presentation and collaboration. Students envision and implement a Leadership Day to showcase academic and artistic talents, from vocal fanfares to drum circles.


NC Arts in Action: From creative arts to dance and music, students utilize the whole mind and body to boost engagement, retention and enjoyment of learning.


Leadership Clubs: Street hockey? Open mic improv night? Student-run clubs foster self-expression and creativity.


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS): This proactive approach establishes a supportive culture that tangibly fosters the intangible: social and emotional success.


Middle School


East Wake Middle School



Year-Round (multi-track)
Grades 6-8
2700 Old Milburnie Road

Raleigh, NC 27604

For information:
Main Office

This is my home away from home. I know that every single teacher genuinely cares about me.”
- Logan, student


“The teachers here have truly prepared me with life skills I wouldn’t have otherwise learned.”
- Destiny, student 

Technology Titans: A certified Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school, East Wake Middle boosts retention and critical thinking through real-time application and collaboration. Hands-on technology equips students with critical skills needed for high school, college and the workplace.


Collaborative Learning: Rather than desks, students work in teams at tables to assess challenges, assign responsibilities, think critically, communicate and deliver solutions to problems.


A Network of Relationships: From the acclaimed Capturing Kids Hearts staff training to a network of peer mentors, each child is connected, supported and encouraged in a safe space.


Wendell Middle School




Grades 6-8

 3409 NC 97 HWY

Wendell, NC 27591

For information:
Main Office

Digital and Robotics Literacy: Turn the tide by tapping into all five senses! From start to finish, students conceptualize, program and build products in the digital space. Clubs such as DigiLit and Manga Mania skyrocket creative thinking, retention and hands-on application.


Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS): As a distinguished Green Ribbon school, students thrive with proactive emotional and social support, learning critical skills to navigate change.


Robust Parent and Student Engagement: Football games are a blast at Wendell Middle! The school enjoys one of the most robust PTAs in the region along with high student engagement through a broad array of clubs, sports teams, dance groups, a vibrant National Junior Honor Society and an award-winning marching band.


High School


East Wake High 


Grades 9-12

5101 Rolesville Road

Wendell, NC 27591

For information:

Katonia Ford


“Truly a school for the entire family! With all grades on one campus, we not only get to know the kids but also the parents, grandparents and the whole family tree!”
- Stephen Gay, superintendent

Career and Technology Education (CTE) Program: The second largest in Wake County! CTE prepares students for a range of high-wage, high-skill careers through cutting-edge, rigorous and relevant career courses. Through partnerships with local colleges and employment hubs, students develop the most desirable job market skills while simultaneously designing products in the school’s own mechanic shop, landscaping center and print graphic lab.


Virtual Enterprise International Class: The only high school in Wake County to offer this specialized program, East Wake High transforms students into professionals by bringing the workplace into the classroom. Students learn to conceptualize, implement, market, evaluate and manage businesses—from product creation to human resources.


Project Lead The Way: Creative blueprints, working prototypes and reality TV shows are just a few of the exciting things we see emerge during this technology-based STEM program.


 K-12 Grade


East Wake Academy 


Public Charter School
Grades K-12
No Tuition

400 NMC Drive

Zebulon, NC 27597

For information:
Kim Campbell


College Preparatory School: East Wake Academy provides a rigorous curriculum that teaches “beyond the diploma,” helping students to intentionally pursue their next steps after high school, including college, a military career or a choice vocation. Along with some of the highest SAT and ACT scores in eastern Wake County, students have secured coveted scholarships and acceptance letters from 13 of the 16 North Carolina public universities as well as numerous private institutions across the East Coast.


Innovative Facilities: The middle school, for example, features four science and innovation labs equipped with state-of-the-art technology and flexible space to promote creative collaboration.


Premiere Staff: With nearly 98 percent of teachers holding North Carolina teacher certifications, it’s no wonder that the school boasts awards like the North Carolina History Teacher of the Year from Daughters of the American Revolution.