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Lovin' Lake Myra Elementary

Cali Buhrman

Customer Relations


Recently, the Newland team, as well as a few of our builder representatives, had the pleasure of touring our on-site school, Lake Myra Elementary. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by Tina Zarzecki, who has been the Principal there for two years, and worked as their Assistant Principal prior to that. From the moment I met Tina, it was obvious she loved children, and was eager to tell us what the school had to offer.


Lake Myra Elementary has been active for seven years, and is a year-round school, meaning that the children go to school for nine weeks and then are off for three weeks. When I walked into the school, the first thing that caught my eye was the brightly decorated hallway. Children’s drawings, pictures, and inspirational quotes lined the hallways, along with colorful banners and outstanding student’s work. It is clear that the students and teachers take pride in their work and curriculum, and there are a lot of different outlets for creativity and innovation.


One of the most impressive things I learned was that the school follows the Leader In Me program, meaning the staff instills Stephen Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People in everything they do. When I read Covey’s book in college, it immediately changed my productivity and view on personal and professional goals. It is so admirable that Lake Myra Elementary is applying this ground work so early in their student’s educational careers! Along with developing student’s leadership skills, the school has a heavily integrated and highly successful STEM program, which is rare to find in elementary schools.


Another interesting fact Tina told us was that the school is “BYOD”—or ‘Bring Your Own Device.’ The staff realizes the important role technology plays in society today, and instead of working against it, phones and tablets are encouraged in the classroom (for learning purposes only). Students can download school-approved apps to use for assignments and homework, and parents can see what their children are learning. I think that’s what we like to call a win-win!


The school also uses a community-wide app for teachers, students, and parents to increase communication. Teachers can award “points” for good behavior, which parents can automatically see on their phones. Moms and Dads can also use the app to message teachers and ask questions, or receive updates on their child, kind of like texting. This program has been extremely beneficial to encourage communication and collaborative efforts between parents and teachers, ultimately helping the child receive the best support possible.


Thanks again to Tina and the Lake Myra Elementary staff for letting us tour! If you are thinking about calling Wendell Falls home and would like more information on our elementary school, please visit our Information Center at 320 Vintage Point Lane, Wendell NC, 27591, or contact Lake Myra Elementary directly at 919-365-8990.



I loved how vibrant the hallways were! Student's drawings, assignments, and profiles were all around—it was very inviting and telling to the culture at Lake Myra.